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Introducing the arrival of EXTENDED WEAR LACES SLIM! Crafted with the same premium materials as the renowned F*** RIPPED SHOELACES, these laces exemplify unbeatable durability and toughness, with exceptional resistance to abrasions. Prepare for a long-lasting shoelace experience that surpasses expectations..
6mm wide
Metal Aglets
Secure knots

Built for skateboarding, EXTENDED WEAR LACES SLIM will last significantly longer than your average lace.

Size: 50''

Customer Reviews

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Tristan Chamberlin
Your other laces suck!! Buy these!!!

Slept on these for too long! Won’t go back! Your other laces suck!! Buy these instead!! They will out last your shoes!

Hector Garcia
Excellent shoelaces

These shoelaces do exactly as they're intended. You can have the heaviest session and these laces will not tear in any way. Also a huge thanks to Christian for coming through when my ordered got lost in transit! Excellent customer service dudes a legend for the hand delivery! Will make great use of these laces.

Alexandre Pilote
Now i can skate more than an hour without fixing laces

Hi, usually i kept one lace of my old shoe so that way i have spare laces.
First session/impression with the Extended Wear Laces, i didn't have to stop within the first hour or so to change them! As of now they're not going to break soon. Good product, thanks

John Mitchell
Great Shit!

These don't break.

Mike oxlong
way too good

way too good, it has no right being this good, whatever u did, it just don't rip, good stuff:)